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    You’ve more than likely accessed this page because you are considering acquiring a hosted VoIP phone for your company. As VoIP solutions can effect a saving of up to 70% in the cost of phone calls for your business, this may well prove to be an inspired decision. Note that these savings occur while you still retain the same functionality and features that you enjoyed with a traditional on-premises system.

    Here are some of the impressive features that VoIP will give you:

    • Call transfer
    • Calls on-the-go
    • Call forwarding
    • Music on hold
    • On-hold marketing
    • Call conferencing
    • Voicemails sent by email
    • Multiple lines (SIP Trunks)
    • Remote working enabled
    • Managing everything via a computer app

    But we are well-aware that choosing a VoIP phone system without having in-depth knowledge of the industry can be a pretty challenging task. Therefore, our experienced telephone systems expert has compiled this comprehensive guide to hold your hand, as it were, as you navigate your way through all the pros and cons of VoIP products. We look at the reputable VoIP providers in the UK in 2020, as well as the best VoIP phones on offer.

    What IS a VoIP Phone System?

    Voice over Internet Protocol – that’s what VoIP stands for! It refers to the sophisticated software-based technology which enables companies to utilise a broadband internet connection to make their phone calls as opposed to using traditional phone lines. And this is how the magic happens.

    The audio signal of users’ voices is converted by the VoIP phone’s systems into digital data streams. These are then sent over the Internet in so-called ‘packets’. The signal first passes through an Ethernet cable to the VoIP gateway or server before it connects with the Internet.

    Acquiring a VoIP phone system enables a company to use a wide array of different devices to receive and make phone calls, such as smartphones, laptops, computers, and physical IP phones.

    Once you’ve invested in and have your VoIP phone system up and running, you should see the benefit of not only less expensive domestic calls, but also significantly cheaper international calls as the price per minute drops. You have a choice to have your VoIP desk phones set up as either a new system, or integrated into your existing system. In this regard, you should contact the supplier of your current system to advise you.

    In this guide that our expert has compiled, we’ve highlighted ten of the leading VoIP phone models in the corded and cordless, known as DECT, phone categories. All of these phones will integrate seamlessly with your VoIP phone system.

    What IS a VoIP Phone System?

    Voice over Internet Protocol – that’s what VoIP stands for! It refers to the sophisticated software-based technology which enables companies to utilise a broadband internet connection to make their phone calls as opposed to using traditional phone lines. And this is how the magic happens.

    The audio signal of users’ voices is converted by the VoIP phone’s systems into digital data streams. These are then sent over the Internet in so-called ‘packets’. The signal first passes through an Ethernet cable to the VoIP gateway or server before it connects with the Internet.

    Acquiring a VoIP phone system enables a company to use a wide array of different devices to receive and make phone calls, such as smartphones, laptops, computers, and physical IP phones.

    Once you’ve invested in and have your VoIP phone system up and running, you should see the benefit of not only less expensive domestic calls, but also significantly cheaper international calls as the price per minute drops. You have a choice to have your VoIP desk phones set up as either a new system, or integrated into your existing system. In this regard, you should contact the supplier of your current system to advise you.

    In this guide that our expert has compiled, we’ve highlighted ten of the leading VoIP phone models in the corded and cordless, known as DECT, phone categories. All of these phones will integrate seamlessly with your VoIP phone system.

    What IS hosted VoIP?

    Hosted VoIP simply means that the infrastructure for your system is not physically on your premises. It is cloud-based, and a service provider owns, runs, maintains and manages the infrastructure from a secure data centre. A monthly fee buys you the right to use the service. Most companies find that using hosted VoIP makes eminent sense, as it is very easy to use and relieves you of the burden of managing and maintaining it.

    What are the benefits of VoIP for your small business?

    VoIP entails definite benefits for your company, regardless of its size. Four of these benefits stand out notably as they will contribute to the growth of your company.

    • It will reduce costs

    Equipping your small business with a VoIP telephone system will have a positive impact on both the operational costs and the capital expenditure of your business. More simply put – it will save you money from day one of its installation! This makes it an excellent investment for the long-term, of course.

    Providers offer very attractive packages that hold great benefits for businesses, i.e. free inter-site communication, which is just the thing you’re looking for in order to expand operations. Landline calls that are as low as 1 ppm (1 pence per minute) are part of most VoIP packages.

    • It will enable growth

    One of VoIP’s best selling points is that it is adaptable, so it has the potential to scale up or down along with your business’s requirements. Should your business grow, additional ports can easily be added and brought online, giving you the extended service that you need. Similarly, ports can be withdrawn from use should you no longer require them. Best of all, this can all be done without requiring downtime and impacting the smooth running of your system. Communication between your customers and staff will therefore not be disrupted.

    And very attractive packages are being offered by suppliers! For instance, the V-Plan Business VoIP package available from Vonage starts at £12.25 per month, and it not only gives you unlimited calls to UK landlines, but also unlimited calls to the US, Canada, China, Hong Kong and Singapore. This is surely an irresistible option for a company aiming to expand into exciting and challenging new territories.

    • It provides flexible and mobile communications

    This is one of the most attractive features of the system. VoIP systems can work via any virtual private network (VPN) or from any location that has Internet accessibility. So if you run a smallish company, with staff members who work remotely from home, this is a very good choice for you. You are able to retain telephone numbers to ensure they remain directly associated with the company’s main office, yet employees are able to use the same service.

    Some UK VoIP providers can offer businesses hundreds of different extensions per account, and all calls will be free of charge. These extensions can be sited at any physical location, whether it be internationally, or at the same office making for great convenience and flexibility.

    • It will help you connect to the future

    Research has indicated that by 2016 already more than 45% of UK businesses were already utilizing VoIP phone systems. Research also suggests that the majority of other businesses will also follow suit in the near future. And that will surprise nobody – call charges are up to 50% lower than those of BT and other telecommunication providers in the UK. So, shouldn’t you join the many forward-looking and dynamic small businesses in the UK that are making the switch to VoIP?

    VoIP phone accessories

    VoIP headsets hold several benefits, so many companies are opting for acquiring them. The major benefit is that they free up the users’ hands while they are making phone calls. This will not only greatly increase the comfort of your employees, but will make it possible to use a computer whilst on the phone whilst also giving them freedom of movement.

    Sound quality in the most recent models has been significantly enhanced in comparison with the earlier ones. Starting at about £20 per set, there are several different VoIP headphones available to customers.

    Amongst the other VoIP accessories that will make your VoIP use more efficient, are   sound stations to use during conference calls to enhance audio quality, as well as cases for cordless phones. As there are many suppliers that market VoIP telephone accessories, shopping around can stand you in good stead to ensure that you get hardware that is best suited to your needs at the best price.

    VoIP – so what do we think?

    It is a no-brainer, really, isn’t it? There is no doubt that a VoIP service holds a varied array of significant benefits for your company. In a nutshell, it will not only save your company significant amounts of money, (which is a huge plus, isn’t it?), but it will also help you improve efficiency. It will help your business to become more flexible and better able to keep pace with your competitors. Indeed, help you to outpace them!

    To help you to make an informed decision about which supplier you should opt for and which product to choose, here are the Top Ten VoIP suppliers in the UK, in our view. We give you comprehensive information about their VoIP services and features, and which businesses we consider them best suited to.

     So, suss them out at your convenience, and then make your informed choice!

    Top Ten UK VoIP providers

    4com Plc

    4Com is an innovative, successful and fast-growing company that has installed thousands of business telecommunication systems across the UK so far. Their reliable and feature-rich VoIP phones use CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) which ensures a seamless integration of phone and computer information (i.e. customer records). This in turn ensures excellent call handling with resultant customer satisfaction. And they not only have happy customers – 4Com has gained the number one spot in The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For list!

    Any maintenance required is handled by their Bournemouth call centre, and local engineers and agents.

    Advantages of the 4Com VoIP system for your business:

    • Easy installation and setup
    • No upfront costs
    • Comprehensive call reporting
    • Instant caller information is ensured by Computer Telephony Integration
    • On-hold marketing messages
    • Call recording
    • Auto-attendant feature
    • Voicemail to email
    • Excellent service and support throughout the UK
    • Flexibility ensures compatibility with any size of business and allows for future growth


    As a leading global provider of cloud-based communications, London-based Vonage has nearly two million customers world-wide. Vonage offers a really comprehensive VoIP telecommunications service designed with flexible working environments in mind. You just need a broadband connection, and Vonage will do the rest. There are no installation charges, stringent contractual terms, line rental or upfront costs.

    With flexible and scalable solutions Vonage’s systems are ideal for today’s flexible working environment. They offer core packages at three levels – home-based and small businesses, businesses with up to 30 employees, and medium/large businesses. They offer an immensely wide range of features, that may vary from package to package. Just some of these are listed below.

    Advantages of the Vonage VoIP systems for your business

    • Call recording that offers unlimited storage
    • Full call handling features
    • Basic call logs
    • Multi-device extensions
    • App designed desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones
    • Hunt groups for incoming calls
    • Unified messaging
    • Portal call management
    • Conference and group calling
    • Anonymous call rejection
    • Choice of UK number and area code
    • Port existing numbers
    • Vonage ‘Anywhere’

    Lily Comms

    Although a relative newcomer to the UK telecoms industry, Lily Comms has grown with leaps and bounds over the past 10 years, and currently services more than 2,500 businesses. With their wide range of services and competitively priced basic plan, they are ideal for small to midsize companies. Their state-of-the art Horizon VoIP phone systems are fully hosted, and feature mobile and fixed telephony facilities that employ a high-speed cloud-based portal.

    Advantages of Lily Comms VoIP systems for your business:

    • Mobile and fixed and telecommunication solutions
    • End-to-end feature-rich single solution
    • Comprehensive call handling features
    • Personal call routing
    • Client-tailored pricing
    • Solutions for mobile and home workers
    • Virtual conference room
    • Multi-language auto-attendant
    • Reliable service with full round-the-clock support, training and number porting
    • Flexibility that allows for future expansion.


    With free setup and installation, feature-rich VoIP services, personalised service and reliable support, bOnline is ideally suited to a small business’s requirements. Its offer to new customers allows small businesses the benefit of unlimited VoIP for just £9 per user, per month. This includes calls to no fewer than 36 destinations, and bOnline’s mobile app is simply a user-friendly joy to use.

    Three small-business focused and scalable packages are available. They all include a free domain, two business mails, as well as full mobility across your devices. bOnline’s VoIP phones are equipped with more than 50 features. An extra £3.25 – £8 per month will buy you an extra 500 minutes of calls to 50 countries. So why not be more profitable by being online with bOnline?

    Advantages of bOnline VoIP systems for your business

    • Affordable
    • Personalised service
    • Free on-site set-up, installation, configuration and system changes by in-house engineers
    • Customisable and adaptable
    • Virtual receptionist
    • After-hours smart routing
    • Call recording driven by AI analytics
    • Softphone applications for mobile phones
    • Straightforward contracts and transparent rates
    • Full CRM integration


    Berry has become known as the ‘people’s choice’ when it comes to choosing VoIP in the UK. It has won numerous awards for its excellent personalised service and 24-hour support. Its commitment to being the best is borne out by the high levels of customer satisfaction expressed online.

    Berry provides on-premise phone systems, VOIP services, as well as dynamic combinations of the two. Its stylish- looking handsets offer an impressive range of call features. Their scalable, flexible VOIP service will integrate with your database and connect with your customer relationship management tool (CRM) seamlessly to equip you with all the info you need to never miss a sale. Berry’s range of collaborative tools makes it easy for your team members to work together harmoniously. And happier staff means happier customers!

    Advantages of Berry VoIP systems for your business:

    • 24-hour support
    • On-hold marketing
    • Voicemail
    • Collaborative features for team coordination
    • Call forwarding, transferring, monitoring, and recording
    • Flexible/compatible phone system options
    • Personal account manager
    • Remote and home working
    • Virtual receptionist
    • Video conferencing
    • Integrate to your CRM
    • Intuitive, easy to use Internet and smartphone interfaces


    As a global leader in cloud-based communications, RingCentral has over 350,000 businesses depending on their systems worldwide, and are in partnership with leading carriers like BT. Their products are feature-rich and easy to use. RingCentral plays a major part in enabling today’s mobile and globally scattered workforce to connect, communicate and collaborate from all over the globe, on a wide range of devices. In the UK they offer a range of packages to suit almost any corporate pocket, with the option of a free 14-day trial.

    Their excellent packages combine voice, team messaging, video, online meetings and conferencing. Their open platform is highly customisable to suit your company’s specific requirements. Their advanced cloud-based VoIP solutions are tailored to suit any business, whether it be a small local concern, or a vast multinational conglomerate.

    Advantages of RingCentral VoIP systems for your business:

    • Connect from anywhere and at any time with mobile and desktop apps
    • Call forwarding, flip and park
    • RingOut
    • Voicemail-to-email and visual voicemail
    • Cloud-based phone system for team messaging, video conferencing
    • Online fax
    • Integration with leading business apps
    • Answering rules
    • All-inclusive competitive monthly pricing
    • Interactive voice response
    • Virtual receptionist
    • Integrations with Google, Salesforce, Microsoft, etc
    • Reliable round-the-clock customer support
    • Robust security


    BT (formerly known as British Telecom) is a household name not just in the UK, but all over the world. Founded in 1846, it is the world’s ‘oldest’ telecommunication company that delivers a wide range of telephony and TV services to companies across the globe. BT services companies that range from the smallest to the largest, and have a range of solutions from fixed lines, to VoIP, to managed networked IT.

    BT’s cloud-based VoIP phone systems are scalable to the requirements of your business, and feature powerful call management features. BT offers three core packages:

    • BT Cloud Phone is a simple ‘plug and play’ solution for up to nine users.
    • BT Cloud Voice is a more sophisticated cloud-hosted virtual phone system for five users or more.
    • BT One Phone Office is a cloud-based mobile and premises operated system that is ideal if you have a mobile workforce. Everyone can link all their phones and devices through a single portal.

    Each of BT’s hosted lines comes equipped with an inclusive geographic number, and has the option of adding more if needed. This will entail an additional charge. If you are already using BT fixed lines you will almost certainly find the BT VoIP a very cost-effective product to look into. They come with an enormous array of features some of which are highlighted below.

    Advantages of features of BT VoIP systems for your business:

    • BT Cloud Phone apps for mobile and desktop
    • Fully-hosted cloud-based system
    • A choice of regional phone numbers, or virtual geographic numbers
    • Audio conferencing with free internal calls
    • Full mobile integration, with diversion for remote working
    • Call management features include routing, voicemail as well as three-way calling
    • Call recording and monitoring
    • Integrated business app with customer service features
    • Online portal
    • Customer relationship management integration
    • Instant Messenger for staff
    • Audio and video conferencing for hassle-free collaboration

    Focus Group

    Focus Group has grown quickly in the UK since it was founded in 2005, going from a tiny start-up of two employees to a large enterprise withmore than 300 staff members. Their portfolio of web-based products includes telephony, IT and data.

    Their offers combine fully cloud-based VoIP solutions and IP PBX phone systems.

    Their main VoIP product is Horizon unified communications. It uses a web portal that is simple and straightforward to use, and provides both fixed and mobile telephony and is aimed at any size of business. It is particularly suited to multi-site enterprises, and businesses with off-site employees.

    Horizon is particularly utilised by businesses that need a ‘business continuity solution’, to use their own phrase.  This emphasises the need for comprehensive support in order to continue operating in the event of having a major problem. Therefore services can immediately be moved to a diversion plan that provides backup without losing functionality.

    Advantages of Focus Group VoIP systems for your business:

    • Free calls between mobile phones and branch offices
    • Combined IP-based PBX option
    • Shared directories and dial plans
    • Choice of telephone numbers
    • Call recording from any location
    • Call forwarding
    • On-hold marketing messages
    • Pay only for what you use
    • Desk or mobile ‘one number anywhere’


    8×8 is a multi-award winning global telecommunications provider with big names on their client list worldwide, including McDonalds and real-estate giant Remax. Their solutions are used in various sectors including education, government and healthcare. They integrate voice, video, chat, contact centres, and API solutions into a secure cloud communications platform through which people are connected no matter where they find themselves on the globe.

    8×8’s main product focus is on two provisions, namely Contact Centre for call centre operations, and Virtual Office. Virtual Office is feature-rich and mobile, and has extensive analytics aimed at improving productivity. It’s user-friendly, and offers continuous communication services no matter where you are located.

    Advantages of 8×8 VoIP systems for your business:

    • Video meetings and web conferencing
    • CX analytics and journey mapping
    • Extension dialling, auto-attendant and ring groups
    • Call recording
    • Call activity reporting
    • Voice, video and messaging in one app
    • Internet faxing
    • Mobile and desktop and applications
    • Feature-rich IP phones
    • Extensive customer relationship management (CRM) integration


    Ottawa-based Mitel is the fastest growing global provider of cloud communications. It currently serves over 70 million customers worldwide, with offices and resellers in many countries. They have an outstanding reputation for innovation, and hold over 1,600 patents and applications.

    Their services encompass business communications, cloud services and contact centre solutions. They offer both public and private cloud-based solutions, as well as hybrid cloud solutions if required.

    MiCloud, named a best business tool for 2019, is their cloud-based VoIP product. It is stored in multiple data locations for security and to avoid downtime. Users enjoy the same functionality whether they are in an office, working remotely, or in the field. To cater for businesses of all sizes, they have three packages, MiCloud Office, MiCloud Business and MiCloud Flex.

    Advantages of Mitel VoIP systems for your business:

    • Complete mobile integration with mobile apps
    • Shared features on mobile and desktop
    • Participant management
    • Easily deployed and scalable
    • Focus on the Millennial generation and tech-minded users
    • Full CRM integration
    • SIP trunking
    • Phone Routing Assignment
    • Conferencing
    • Call management – transferring, forwarding, recording, playback, evaluation and storage
    • Sync with exchange
    • Easily managed voice, email and IM from one screen
    • Utilising powerful business analytics
    • Contact centre integrations

    Our Top Ten VoIP desk phones

    A VoIP desk phone generally works with a cloud-based VoIP, but they can also feature a hybrid IP PBX solution. They provide physical desk solutions, which are compatible with headsets, so not applicable to softphones. They can be utilised in conjunction with other components from your VoIP phone system provider, i.e. desktop computers and smartphone apps.

    Here are some phones that are our top picks for entry-level wired VoIP systems, and cordless (DECT) VoIP systems. We first look at wired phones and then discuss some cordless varieties.

    Our top-rated entry-level VoIP office phones

    The phones discussed below are basic wired or corded models that work pretty much like conventional desk phones do.

    Yealink SIP-T21P Entry Level IP phone

    This is a great choice for an all-round, entry-level IP phone. It costs less than the Grandstream GXP2200 that we discuss lower down, but in essence it offers the same benefits.

    Available at £50, the Yealink SIP-T21P is the ideal entry-level phone as it is cost effective and simple to install. The handset has a clear LCD display and secure privacy settings. Its high-quality audio makes this phone an excellent choice for any office, large or small. It will also integrate seamlessly with IP, or IP PBX.

     Here are some of its key features:

    • Two VoIP accounts
    • Local three-way conferencing
    • Caller ID
    • Message waiting indication
    • Voicemail
    • Language selection
    • Direct IP call without SIP proxy
    • Phonebook of up to 1,000 entries
    • Extra-large graphical LCD display
    • HD voice, handset and speaker
    • Group listening, SMS and emergency calling
    • Black list

    Grandstream GXP2200 Android desktop phone

    This inexpensive corded multimedia Android VoIP phone features a responsive touchscreen LCD. It also has hard keys for functions such as hold, voicemail and mute.  The Grandstream utilises an Android operating system which enables access to applications such as YouTube, Skype, Google Voice, Facebook and Twitter.

    Priced at £80, the Grandstream GXP2200 is an advanced, feature-rich desk phone ideally suited to forward-looking businesses. This VoIP phone will be compatible with all types of business enterprises. Its operating apps can be downloaded from Google Play Store, but you can also create custom ones yourself.

    Here are some of its key features:

    • AndroidTM version 2.3 operating system
    • 480×272 pixel capacitive 4.3 inch LCD touch screen
    • Directory that allows for 1000 contacts
    • Call history that holds 500 records
    • Capacity for 6 SIP accounts
    • Call transfer, forwarding and waiting
    • HD wideband audio
    • Compatible with 3rd party Android applications like Skype, Youtube, Microsoft Lync Client, Pandora, Facebook, Twitter, Angry Birds, etc.
    • Full-duplex hands-free speakerphone

    Yealink T23GN Dual Gigabit Ethernet IP phone

    This good all-round VoIP phone has an easy-to-use interface and HD audio. Priced at only £75, the Yealink T23GN is a feature-rich IP-PBX phone which allows three lines. It has caller display and an anonymous call rejection function. It will work well in any office, but will especially suit small to medium sized enterprises.

    Here are some of its key features:

    • Intuitive user interface and secure provisioning
    • Call hold, mute, one-touch speed dialling and call forwarding
    • Three-way conferencing
    • Ring tone selection and import
    • Phone book accommodating 1000 entries
    • Dual gigabit Ethernet ports
    • 132 x 64 white backlit display

    Mitel IP485G

    This is a good general office VoIP desktop phone. It features a backlit colour display with a searchable, expanded directory. Alongside standard call transfer, conference call and on-hold features, IP485G has built-in visual voicemail. Priced at a very reasonable £75, the Mitel IP485G phone is the ideal phone for the office-based professional who needs a full duplex speakerphone that offers visual voice and conferencing capabilities, and comes with an integrated headset.

    Here are some of its key features:

    • 10/100/1000 Ethernet switch for Gigabit speed
    • Eight lines
    • Expanded directory allows alphanumeric lookup
    • Expanded call history and redial functionality
    • Ability to maintain on-site inventory
    • LED indicators
    • 480 x 272 backlit colour display

    Polycom VVX 600

    The Polycom VVX 600 is a very advanced corded VoIP desk phone with exceptional call quality and a large, responsive touchscreen. It supports up to 16 lines and features video conferencing and playback utilising external USB cameras. This makes the Polycom VVX 600 one of the most popular VoIP phones though it is priced at a pretty steep £215. The clear display makes it easy for users to manage their calendars, so it saves time and boosts productivity.

    Some of its impressive features include:

    • High-resolution colour, multitouch 4.3″ LCD screen
    • Simplicity and ease of use
    • intuitive gesture-based, multitouch user interface
    • HD voice technology
    • Easy integration with third-party UC
    • Bluetooth integration
    • Dual USB ports
    • Compatible with easy-to-install Polycom VVX camera
    • Allowing video conferencing from the user’s desk

    Now we’ll look at the best cordless or DECT VoIP office phones.

    Since VoIP DECT phones are cordless, it makes them more mobile than conventional VoIP telephones, which is obviously an advantage. The leading models of DECT phones have an impressive array of features, offering their users large colour LED displays, integrated phone books and SMS functionality. Many of the big telecommunication companies make VoIP DECT phones, including Siemens, Mitel, BT, Gigaset, Panasonic and Cisco.

    Here’s our pick of the top five DECT phones on the market today:

    Panasonic KX-TGP600 DECT phone

    The Panasonic KX-TGP600 is very suitable for small to medium businesses that need the mobility of more than a wired desk phone. The KX-TGP600 is a wireless VoIP DECT phone which will handle eight simultaneous calls and will support up to eight DECT handsets. This phone is priced at a reasonable £85. The KX-TGP600 has a bright colour screen, has a notably long battery life and is easy to set up and manage. It has an excellent and extendable range.

    Here are some of its key features:

    • 8″ colour LCD screen
    • KX-TPA60 handset
    • 500 item phone book and memory of 20 last dialled numbers
    • Range of 100-200 feet
    • Noise reduction technology
    • SRTP (Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol) for added phone security.
    • Easy deployment
    • Remote configuration of settings and handset management
    • 200 hours standby battery life and 11 hours talk time
    • BroadSoft and BroadWorks certified
    • Six repeaters extend connection range

    Yealink W52P

    The Yealink W52P SIP Cordless entry level phone is designed specifically for small businesses. It has a 1.8 inch colour display with easy-to-use intuitive user interface. The Yealink W52P gives its users all the standard features like intercom, call transfer and forwarding as well as three-way conferencing. It is priced at £90.

    Here are some of this nifty entry level phone’s key features:

    • Full duplex speakerphone
    • Exceptional HD sound
    • 722 bandwidth
    • Handles 4 simultaneous calls
    • Highly scalable
    • Accommodates up to 5 VoIP accounts

    Mitel Aastra 632 DECT phone

    The Mitel 632 DECT is a robust and durable phone, so it can be used outside and in industrial environments. It’s easy to clean to comply with hygiene requirements which makes it very suitable for factory floors and medical care facilities. Its sensor alarm and emergency call key equip it admirably for hospitals or areas of high security like prisons and correctional facilities.

    £85 will buy you this superb quality phone suitable for use in both general specialised environments thanks to its robust design and excellent functionality and navigation.

    Here are just some of its impressive array of features:

    • A colour TFT display
    • Headset connector and hands-free
    • Bluetooth headset support
    • 12-hour talk time
    • Dust and jet water protected with ‘ruggedised’ design
    • Man-down, no-movement and escape alarm
    • Hands-free operation
    • Directory capacity for 200 contacts
    • Ambient noise filter
    • Mini USB PC interface
    • Compatible with high hygiene workplaces

    Grandstream DP720 DECT IP phone

    Although this is an inexpensive VoIP solution at only £50, it gets the job done, and then some. A single DECT hub can accommodate up to five DP720 handsets, with an impressive ten SIP accounts per handset. With its full HD audio functionality and long range, it’s a perfect choice for small businesses, or as a home phone. It comes with DECT authentication, encryption technology and three-way local conferencing, and phonebook.

    Here are some of its key features:

    • Range of up to 300 metres outdoors and 50 metres indoors
    • A 3.5mm headset jack
    • Multi-language support and prompts
    • 10 hours talk time
    • 80 hour standby mode
    • Hearing aid compatibility
    • Call transfer, call forward, call-waiting, message waiting
    • Do not disturb indication
    • Flexible dial plan

    Siemens Gigaset SL785 DECT phone

    The Gigaset SL785 is tailor-made for home and office-use. Its users like its touchscreen interface with integrated answering machine functionality with recording capacity of 45 minutes. It’s ECO DECT technology limits battery and power usage.

    £195 will buy this stylish model perfectly suited to modern businesses. The clear display enhances its functionality, as do its directory transfer options and the fact that multiple numbers can be stored under one directory entry.

    Here are some of the features of this elegant-looking phone:

    • Bluetooth enabled
    • Message notification
    • Base handset locator
    • Full-duplex speakerphone
    • Intuitive interface with icon-based menu
    • HSP technology eliminates distortions and echoes
    • Call recording
    • 15 hours talk time

    Not sure which is right for your business?

    Get in touch now and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction!

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