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    What is a PR Agency?

    For start-ups, small businesses and more established brands, deciding on a PR strategy can be a tough decision, especially if you’re not sure where to begin. Public relations has to do with sharing your brand message and core values with the right people, in order to build and manage reputation. This is where PR agencies enter the picture and can be incredibly beneficial to businesses across all industries. These agencies collaborate with businesses in order to help boost their industry image, therefore, this can be a game changer for brand reputation if done efficiently and effectively. We have identified the best agencies in the UK for all your PR needs and compiled them into a nifty guide for your reference.


    1. Cherry Digital

    With roots in both London, England and Portland, USA, Cherry Digital is passionate about content creation in the public relations field. The agency uses digital public relations, SEO outreach and link building to help both start-up businesses, as well as established ones, to reach consumers in a meaningful, motivating way. Cherry Digital covers a vast range of areas, including financial, travel, fashion, health, retail, dating, beauty and consumer. The result is press coverage that matters: a broad range of media coverage across multiple platforms and categories, including online, national and regional. Platforms include influential outlets, such as Mail Online, LA Times, The Telegraph, Huffington Post, Glamour and Sky News, as well as social media channels.


    1. Hustle

    Hustle is a creative agency passionate about creating and growing user-focused digital products. Delivering services to start-ups as well as established business, the company also provides specialist consultation to businesses in competitive, regulated industries. Hustle takes the approach of putting the user first, valuing pragmatism, accountability and measurable outcomes.


    1. Ballou

    Ballou is a specialist communications agency, combining data and creativity to deliver engaging, measured and target-focused PR campaigns. They offer communications services across many channels, including content, social media, PR, graphic design and SEO. Ballou ensures brand reputation building through securing media coverage – measurable, proven results from insight-led campaigns.


    1. Pearl Lemon

    With more than 20 years in the game and a passion for all things PR and SEO, Pearl Lemon prides themselves in results-based performance. The London-based agency serves clients across the globe and the team operates on six core values: transparency, valuable contribution, skilled expertise, results-driven performance, tech savviness and strong long-term relationships with clients. They offer services inclusive of content writing, conversion rate optimization, PPC management, PR and WordPress optimization.


    1. Milk & Honey PR

    This B Corp certified agency focuses on providing the best individual advice for you, ensuring an efficient turnaround time and delivery of results. Milk & Honey is passionate about working with people with similar values: bravery, energy, respect, collaboration, passion and loyalty. They collaborate with journalists, influencers, producers, bloggers and industry professionals in order to build your brand’s reputation.


    1. Berkeley Communications

    Emphasizing the power of storytelling in PR, marketing and communications, Berkeley Communications has three main goals in their approach: to drive sales, grow brand awareness and win the hearts and mind of consumers. The agency maximises coverage through a unique combination of: public and influencer relations, content creation and marketing, branding and design, video and audio storytelling and intelligent insight.


    1. Don’t Cry Wolf

    This unique, creative agency focuses on branding and content with the approach of bringing brand and audience closer together. Offering services inclusive of research, brand strategy, brand creation and brand launch, Don’t Cry Wolf appeals to businesses of all kinds across all fields. They aim to create engaging content for brands who are both ambitious and innovative.


    1. TopLine Communications

    TopLine offers services including digital PR, SEO and content creation for B2B companies, generating leads, building brand reputation and increasing awareness. Operating in a multiple market – both local and international – the agency uses a network of media specialists located across the globe. This means brands receive expert, local advice tailored to their audience base.


    1. White

    Described as a leading boutique PR and communications agency, offers clients brand elevation services in order to increase awareness of meaningful, valuable businesses, particularly those with strong core values relevant to today’s more conscious consumer. This agency also offers a unique pay-as-you-go option, which may be useful for smaller brands wanting to grow their audience base on a budget.


    1. Full Fat

    Full Fat describes themselves as a creative communications agency, with the aim of engaging with audiences through meaningful content with a purpose. Delivering award-winning digital campaigns, the agency creates also provides experience-led brand activations to compel, engage and entice audiences across all spectrums. Full Fat also prides themselves in earned knowledge of pop culture, music and events.

    What's on this page

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