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Sep 16, 2020 | Press Coverage

Saving money on commute, no worry about what to wear, and no office politics. These are just a handful of benefits to working from home (WFH).

Many are forced to adjust to WFH conditions, creating a major shift in their daily routines. However, a change in working environment is good for the soul, thus, increasing productivity amongst employees and employers alike.

Would employees actually forfeit a portion of their salary in order to continue working from home?

Following the impact of coronavirus on work life, we put together a topical campaign. This investigated how much of a pay cut employees across America would take so they could continue working from home.

Our survey of 3,500 American employees evaluated attitudes toward altered working environments, given the current circumstances.

Overall, the study found that the average American employee would take a $7,629.91 pay cut in order to continue working from home after lockdown.

The press release featured in a range of publications including OKCFOX!

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